Read the Consumer Mind

Optimizing ad-performance with seamless attention and emotion tracking

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Attention-capturing advertising simplified

Using an ordinary webcam and Focal Insights, get into the consumer mind. What exactly catches their eye? What emotions are evoked? With Focal Insights, you can find out!

How Focal Insights works

1. Upload your content

Videos, photos, websites - anything can be tested.

2. Data collection

Gaze measurement and emotion analysis while testers view your content

3. Get unique insights

Receive your results and make your ad campaign a success!

Use Focal Insights to optimize everything!

If it can be displayed, it can be analyzed with Focal Insights.

Interface design

Experience is driven by attention and emotions. Understand how your users feel when they interact with your designs and flows. You don’t even have to ask them any questions, their face will say it all. Create the best emotional experience for them.

Marketing material

Optimize conversion rates of marketing campaigns and product launches before they go live! Improve creative content like product images and video commercials ahead of time. Attention and emotions drive conversions, with our system you get access to both.

Feature development

New ideas come up all the time, but which ones should you integrate into your product? Everyone has an opinion, but can you trust them? With us, you can validate the right ideas based on attention and emotions, these cannot be faked. Confidently pass things onto your development team, already knowing it’ll work.

Shelf placement

What is the right place on the shelf for your product? Simply compare them and find out.

Landing pages

See if people are focused on your CTA, if they look at the right segment and they scan all the important areas of your website. Compare multiple variants and find the most eye-catching one

Clever advertising tried and tested by

Stay ahead of your competitor and optimize your advertising.

Do you have a demo?
Just create an account and have a look at some example tests. Upload some of your marketing material and run a test. Results for the first two testers are accessible for free.
How long does it take to get results?
We strive to analyze 99% of your data within 24 hours after your payment has been processed.
What panel providers do you support?
Our platform is compatible with virtually all panel providers. Simply provide the link to your Focal Insights-test to your panel provider and you're ready to go. You can setup redirects in theFocal Insights Test Builder in case participants should be sent back to panel provider after the experiment. Feel free to contact us if you require assistance. If you do not have a panel provider we can arrange testers for you. Contact us for details.

Cut your advertising costs by using only your best ads

Ads that your potential customers don't notice is a big wasted opportunity. With Focal Insights, harness the possibilities to the best advertising strategy.