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The Bugfoundation is the first company from Germany that is producing and distributing the Bux Burger. As the name suggests, this special burger is made out of insects. This radical new approach holds a lot of potential.

The source of protein, in this case insects, has a high ratio of protein content and is also very healthy. But it doesn’t stop there, having insects as a protein source makes the entire supply chain more sustainable and environmental friendly. The current meat production industry creates large quantities of waste products and requires large quantities of water. All these issues are solved with the approach of the Bugfoundation.

The rational arguments sound great, right? But when it comes to food, the gut feeling is what determines what people eat and what not.

Because of that, we wanted to know how people react visiting the landing page of the Bugfoundation.

Our approach

We showed the landing page of the Bugfoundation to Germans for 10 seconds. This is the time it takes to measure the implicit reaction to viewed content. At the same time their webcam was running so we could measure what they look at (eye tracking), how they feel about what they see (emotion tracking), and how excited they get by measuring their heart rate. The results are more intriguing than you’d think.

Emotion analysis

To our surprise, the most dominant emotion expressed was happiness. Two very definite peaks occur, one at 4.8 seconds, and the other at 6.87 seconds. What was it that the visitors looked at? Let’s see at the eye tracking analysis.


Eye tracking analysis


Let’s have a look at what people really saw when they started to be happy. Below you can see the eye tracking heat map. The scale goes from blue (little attention) to red (a lot of attention). The first image shows that the main focus at 4.8 seconds was the burger itself. By the time at 6.87 seconds (second image) the focus is clearly at ‘Order Burger‘.

You can view the general scanning of the website in the video below. Here the pattern becomes very clear that the main first focus is on the burger itself.

Tracking excitement

Besides the emotion, we also measure excitement. In the graph you can nicely see a huge spike right at the beginning (1.48 seconds). If you look at the video, you can see that this was caused directly by the burger itself. One of the first things viewers look at.

After that spike comes back down to baseline, the excitement level increases from 2.15 – 5.1 seconds. In this period the viewers glance over the burger and start to move to the text itself. All the content gets people excited. A slight dip at 5.7 seconds, but the general trend of excitement keeps going up!



In summary, these are great results. But one thing is still needs to be answered: are viewers not bothered by a burger made out of insects at all? After looking more carefully at the eye tracking video, you can see yourself that people might have missed that the burger was made out of insects. The only place that reveals this information is the text and our analysis shows that ‘made out of insects’ has only been seen for 300 milliseconds. So chances are high that people just didn’t get that slight detail. Here a quick summary of the good things with suggestions:

  • the burger picture simply delivers what it should, appetite!
  • the text is also been looked at, but glanced over. Could be adjusted by changing the font and the size.
  • The ‘order burger’ button is clearly perceived and creates the right emotion. This should be taken advantage of by making the button larger and/or more salient by using a different color so people see it earlier.

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